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West L.A. Neuro-Kinesiology Offers Help For Many Conditions

Pain, nerve disorders and weakness can be chronic problems that have a negative effect on your quality of life.  Your condition may involve not just the biomechanical aspects of pain, but consequentially, You don’t have to learn with these issues, because a number of specialized treatments are available to help. At West L.A. Neuro-Kinesiology: Nerve, Disc & Neuropathy in Los Angeles, we provide functional neurology for effective results to help a variety of conditions, for individuals who have not had success with other methods.


Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis can put pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves within the spine. It commonly occurs in the neck and lower back. The condition can caused by age-related wear and tear, post surgical scarring, or bio-mechanical problems.  Our approach deals with the Mechanical and neurological problems that cause your pain.


Nerve problems can cause a variety of symptoms, such as pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness of muscles in the hands or feet. These symptoms can interfere with everyday activities at work or during your leisure time. Nerve pain, called “neuropathy,” can often be related to diabetes. However Idiopathic (cause unknown) tend to have a mulit-system cause so neuro-vascular approaches that we employ have helped bring relief! We can provide manual adjustment, physiotherapy, laser, and electrical stimulation to resolve these issues. Vibration platform therapy can help to re-train nerves for better function.

Sciatica and Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a common problem that can be caused by strains, disc disorders or other issues within the spine. Poor alignment, neuro-muscular compensantion and nerve compression can sometimes lead to pressure on the sciatic nerve, with pain and weakness in the legs. We can provide non-surgical spinal decompression and other techniques to restore function and relieve nerve impingement.

Shoulder Rehabilitation

Problems of the shoulder can involve pain, poor range of motion and lack of strength that can impact your everyday life. We can provide proper neuromuscular rotator cuff coordination , neuromuscular re-education and Ligament/tendon reconditioning for better function, physiotherapy for improving strength and laser therapy to enhance soft tissue healing to improve your shoulder function.

Knee Pain Rehabilitation

The knees are weight-bearing joints that can develop a number of problems that interfere with normal mobility. If you have sustained an injury of the knees, or are experiencing discomfort from arthritis or other condition, we can provide effective techniques to reduce pain and improve flexibility.

Post-Surgical Pain

After surgery, individuals can experience discomfort even after the initial stages of healing are completed. These problems may be due to nerve damage during the surgery itself, or issues related to the healing process, specifically scar tissue build-up, and rehabilitation. Our staff , specializing in scar tissue reduction, tissue regeneration , and the latest in brain-based pain rehabilitation, can provide pain relief and ensure a full recovery after your surgical procedure.

Make West L.A. Neuro-Kinesiology Your Pain Solution in West Los Angeles

Dr. R’Kione Britton utilizes his deep understanding of musculoskeletal function, training in functional neurology and years of training in chiropractic techniques, to assist his patients in Los Angeles to enjoy better movement and higher levels of comfort. Call West L.A. Neuro-Kinesiology today at 310-427-7374 for an appointment to discuss your health problem and learn about the treatment that can help you enjoy freedom from pain and better function


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