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Pinched nerve. Bulging disc. Herniated disc. Slipped disc. What’s the difference?

Unfortunately, too many healthcare professionals today can’t agree on what these terms mean and use them interchangeably. These imprecise descriptions are frustrating and confusing for patients who are plagued by spinal disc problems.

Expert author, Dr. Britton locates the cause of your health challenge, pinpointing a diagnosis to form the most effective treatment plan possible. To identify the source of the problem, he uses a nerve performance scan and Oswestry Disability Report which provide a robust analysis.

Identifying Your Body’s Needs

The discs in your spine act as shock absorbers. They’re made of cartilage that can become irritated, inflamed, bulged or ruptured if the spine undergoes trauma, whether big or small.

There may be signs that you suffer from disc issues, such as numbness and tingling in the arms and legs that are often followed by sharp, shooting pains. You can, however, have serious disc issues without having any indications. The severity of your pain does not necessarily dictate the condition of your discs.

How We Help

To get you feeling better, we take a multipronged approach to your care. Here are some of the common symptoms associated with herniated and slipped discs and the tools we use to address them:

  • Inflammation and Pain: We use state-of-the-art multi-axis spinal decompression to gently and safely help to remove the pressure on the affected nerve. To find the best angle for your problem we use your MRI or X-ray. Most decompression units can only change one or two personalized angles. As this pressure is released the body can address the inflammation that is causing pain. The disc, bone or muscle that was pressing is gently removed so you can return to your life with optimal health. Low-level laser is also used to ease the pain of inflammation as well as increase blood flow to damaged tissue.
  • Muscle Pain and Tightness: Manual therapy, deep tissue work and physiotherapy are used to tackle muscle pain and tension and to regain strength and rebuild normal tissue. We also utilize vibration platform training to retrain nerves and restore blood flow.
  • Nerve pain and Tissue Regeneration: To address these issues, we offer the newest forms of high-powered laser and high-energy electrical stimulation.

To make your return to life easier and help you recover faster we also provide home treatments, nutrition advice and infrared sauna.

Our team will ensure that you clearly understand your diagnosis, the source of your problem and what we plan to do to help you. Contact West LA Neuro-Kinesiology: Nerve, Disc, and Neuropathy to get started.

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