Peripheral Neuropathy

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy involves any damage to the body's nervous system that is not a part of either the brain or spinal cord. It can be caused by diabetes, traumatic injuries, toxin exposure, infections, and metabolic problems. A board-certified functional neurologist, like those at West LA Neuro-Kinesiology.  


Problems with the peripheral nervous system can create numbness on one side of the spectrum, to extreme pain on the other side, and everything in between. Neuropathy starts to become abnormal when a person feels excessive pain or a lack of pain that would normally be expected.


The following represent issues to go to the emergency room:

  • Sudden extreme pain, especially around the heart
  • Unusual chest pains that last more than a few minutes, like pressure, squeezing, fullness, or pain
  • Paralysis (fast onset)
  • Sudden lack of coordination that may cause falling
  • Lack of consciousness 

Peripheral neuropathy covers issues where quality of life is at stake, not life itself. It covers those things that often may have a slow onset, not a sudden onset. However, after a severe event like a stroke or a heart attack, a functional neurologist can assist in a patient's recovery. 

Important Non-Emergency 

A board-certified functional neurologist can help with:

  • Constant muscle weakness, especially when muscles on the other side of the body remain strong
  • Unexplained pain that never seems to go away or keeps increasing
  • Gradual onset of numbness, prickling, or tingling in the hands or feet, possibly spreading up the limbs

An important part of the work of a functional neurologist is to try to uncover the underlying reasons for these symptoms. If you already know you have some of these problems, we ask that you let us know. Some of these could include: 

  • Chemo therapy
  • Diabeties 
  • Pinched nerves (which could be from skeletal issues, arthritis or carpel-tunnel syndrome)
  • Damaged tissue

Any persistent nerve pain, tingling, or numbness that is not normal should be looked at by a chiropractic neurologist. They can do:

    1. A 5S Bio Structural Analysis
      • Nerve performance scanning
      • Bio-impedance testing
      • Nerve testing
      • Cortisol testing
      • Adrenal testing
      • Neurovascular testing
    2. Laser therapy to reduce inflammation
    3. Manual therapy to repair tissue
    4. Physiotherapy to regain strength
    5. Vibration platform training
    6. High-energy electrical stimulation to regenerate blood circulation and heal nerve tissue

    We can inform you about what can be done at home to improve your lifestyle.

    We want to help you have a better quality of life. Come into West LA Neuro-Kinesiology today or give us a call at 310-427-7374!


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