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Los Angeles Sciatica Treatment

New 5S Bio Structural Analysis

  • Nerve performance Scan
  • Oswestry Disability Report
  • We identify the Source of the problem! This robust analysis is the difference between failure and success of your recovery.

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Non-surgical multi-axis spinal decompression

  • Not like any decompression you have seen in San Diego! Using state of the art computer technology we gently and safely help to remove the pressure on the affected nerve using your MRI or X-ray to find the best angle for your problem, most Decompression units can only change one or two personalized angles! As this pressure is released   the body can address the inflammation that is causing pain and disc, bone or muscle that was pressing is gently removed so you can return to your life with optimal health.


  • Using low level laser to ease the pain of inflammation as well as increase blood flow to damaged tissue
  • Manual therapy, deep tissue work, physiotherapy to regain strength and rebuild normal tissue.
  • Utilizing vibration platform training to retrain nerves and restore blood flow.

Muscle Pain and Tightness

Nerve Pain and Degeneration

  • Using newest forms of high powered laser and high energy electrical stimulation.
  • To make your return to your life easier and recover faster as you learn how to independently manage your condition at home.

At Home Treatments, Nutrition Advice and Infrared Sauna                       

To round out your care and accelerate your recovery, we also provide home treatments, nutrition advice and infrared sauna.

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