Los Angeles Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

Does Your Body Need Rehabilitation?

Are you experiencing tenderness in your joints and muscles? Perhaps you’ve had decreased flexibility, stiff joints, diminished range of motion or redness and pain.

If so, you may have a soft tissue injury that needs rehabilitation. Our  Los Angeles soft tissue rehabilitation program will help reduce inflammation by allowing your blood to circulate properly, giving you back movement and decreasing pain.

Incorporating Multiple Solutions for Pain Relief

Dr. Britton uses a hands-on approach to evaluate and treat soft tissue injuries. Our neuromuscular re-education program incorporates principles of several methods to address and rehabilitate myofascial and musculoskeletal injuries:

  • Cross fiber therapy
  • Kinesiology
  • Origin-insertion soft tissue theory
  • Rolfing
  • Trigger point therapy

The Body’s Protection Mechanism

A smooth sheath of connective tissue fibers called fascia surrounds every muscle in the body. Fascia is strong and can exert pressures of over 2000 pounds per square inch!

When an area is injured, the body handles this inflammation by forming scar tissue to protect the area. Adhesions occur in the area of damage and inflammation, limiting your strength and motion. Neuromuscular Re-Education treats and rehabilitates these soft tissue injuries.

If your body doesn’t move the way you want it to, we can help! Contact our office to schedule your appointment.

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